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September 29, 2016

Trenton Businesses Featured in NJBIZ Story


 City Economic Development Specialist Eric Maywar interviewed and Trenton businesses were featured in the Setpember 26 issue of NJBIZ newspaper.

New growth in Trenton is sign of the times

Mayor, business heads feel city built on manufacturing showing signs of comeback

By Andrew George, NJBIZ

Particularly striking at night, when its emblazoned “Trenton Makes, the World Takes” inscription reflects back off of the Delaware River in red neon light, the Lower Trenton Toll-Supported Bridge is widely considered to be the city's most iconic landmark.

Famously visible to passers-by via train or car, it’s a nod to Trenton’s rich industrial past, back when the city was a leader in manufacturing and at the forefront of getting things done.

There’s clearly a cynical remark to be made here about the current state of affairs under the golden dome on State Street, but we’ll let you come up with that on your own.

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