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October 14, 2016

Additional Background on the Strategic Doing Process

There are several ways to learn more about Strategic Doing, a process that enables civic leaders to form collaborations quickly, guide them toward measurable outcomes, and make adjustments along the way.

Here in an index of resources to help you better understand this powerful process.

What is Strategic Doing?

Short video by Dr. Scott Hutcheson explaining how others in universities view and use Strategic Doing, filmed at University Economic Development Association conference, October 2014

10 minute video introductionto Strategic Doing presented by Ed Morrison

Strategic Doing Viewbook- Guiding Measurable Outcomes Through Action-Oriented Collaboration. Contains background about how the process was developed and has continued to expand, where it’s being used, training options, etc.

An article, Accelerating Civic Innovation through Strategic Doing- published June 2014 for the Stanford Social Innovation Review

TREES OF CHANGE - How Strategic Doing is taking root in the recovery of Flint, Michigan – short intro video

University of North Alabama collaborated with folks at the Stennis Center at Mississippi State to deliver a Strategic Doing training to four communities. Here is a news report that highlights their efforts:

Strategic Doing was selected as the process used to develop action plans for 50 universities as they transformed their undergraduate engineering education programs. This short video shows the excitement and how plans can be launched in just a few hours. Over the course of 3 years, the teams work resulted in more than 400 collaborations: new courses, makerspaces, competitions, non-credit learning opportunities, better policies, and new campus centers.

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